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An Active Member of the Augusta, GA Community

Unlock the full potential of your business with Tech 4 Success – your trusted partner in efficiently managing your technology assets.

Whether it’s been through working with local businesses, government, citizens, or local nonprofits, Tech4Success has been actively invested in the Augusta community since its founding in 2021.

Behind the scenes of every accomplishment is a team of individuals responsible its success.  Tech4Success is proud to be a part of that team and contribute to a number of the projects you’ll see around town.  Maybe you’re already familiar with our work!

Full website coming soon!

To reach Richard at Tech 4 Success, call (706) 726-8118.

Tech Solutions for Every Budget

We serve everyone – from individuals to large businesses, to residential complexes.  Covering a vast scope of IT applications, Tech4Success is your local IT expert for all your tech needs.  

Need an expert opinion?  Call today for a free consultation!


Refurbished Market

Partnered with local nonprofits, Tech 4 Success refurbishes and resells used electronics that still have a useful life span. 

Our refurbished market is a great way to save money on your next networking upgrade while to helping to prevent good tech out of landfills.



1676 Nixon Rd.
Augusta, GA 30906


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